March 2006 playlist

March 2006
Naughty Boy - Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready!)(Uniting Nations Remix Edit)
Shapeshifters - Incredible
Hannah-Rose - Dreaming
Lian Ross - Never Gonna Lose
Angel City - Confession
Dreamworld - Movin' Up
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (J And C Remix)
Milky - Just The Way You Are
Danielle Bollinger - Kiss The Sky (Mike Rizzo Global Radio Mix)
Axwell Featuring Steve Edwards - Watch The Sunrise
DJ Sammy - Sunlight (Milky Remix Edit)
Judge Jules - So Special
Big City Groove Featuring Annamarie Elenio - Breathless

Kate Ryan ? Lift Me Higher
Abigail - Falling (Moz Morris Mixshow Club Edit)
Taras - I Will Love Again (JJ Stockholm Club Edit)
Sherrie Lea - Spellbound (22 Green Remix)
Sterbinszky And Tranzident Featuring Jewls - Gates Of Mind (Guido Osorio Radio)
Monica Naranjo - Ain't It Batter Like This (Ferrero And Del Moral Weekend Vocal Edit)
Better Than Ezra - Juicy (Harry Legg ? KC Styles Dance Remix Edit)
Dannii Minogue Vs. Flower Power - You Won't Forget About Me
Fayden - When I Look In Your Eyes
Amber - Anyway (Al B. Rich Radio Edit)
Galleon - One Sign (MA.N.D.Y. Radio Mix)
Carl Cox - Give Me Your Love (Valentino Kanzyani Mix)
Laava - Wherever You Are (1 Feel Love)
OZZIE - Let Me Be (Leather And Lace Radio Edit)

Echo And The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West Remix Edit)
Chantal Chamandy - You Want Me (Brian Rawling Remix Edit)
Logique Featuring Pash - Something Magic
Christen Marucci - Is This Love
Moby - Slipping Away (MHC Remix Edit)
Rockik - Memories (Chicco Secci Hurricane Edit)
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Sincere For You
DJ Otzi - Hey Baby
Madonna - Sorry (PSB Maxi Mix Edit)
Sash Featuring Boy George - Run
Atomic Kitten - It's Ok! (M.A.S.H. Radio Mix)
Shelley - I Will Follow

Charlotte - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Junior's Soular Edit)
Johnny Vicious Featuring Judy Albanese - Can't Let Go (Johnny's House Radio Edit)
Sarah Whatmore - Automatic (Stella Browne Vocal Edit)
Jill Criscuolo - My Life
Dee Robert - Greatest Love
Groove Terminator - Brand New Day (Chili Hi-Fly Remix Edit)
Jene - Get Into Something (Mike Rizzo Edit)
Diana Fox - Where Are You Now (Fantastic Hits Radio Mix)
Debby Holiday - Bring It On (Bermudez And Harris Edit)
Grandlife - We In Music
Jessy - Tell Me
KMC Featuring Dhany - I Feel So Fine
Andy Hunter - To Life To Love

The holidays are closing in

You all know what that means we get our models soon, and its gonna be sexy ,

i think our models should just wear there underwears or something, that will attract alot of guy customers but gros the girls out well it will even it out because we have guy models also

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Also i will have the playlist soon okay


I cant wait to use our 50% offs next week due to floor resets 

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Hey there was this rumor on the radio a few days ago saying that A & F workers are not aloud to talk to fat people when they are in the store because nothing there will fit them. The radio also said they got this from a girl that used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch and she said it was in their conduct book or whatever you want to call it. When I heard this I thought it wasnt very suprising because most of there sizes are so small. I was just wondering for anyone who works there now if this was true? Also does anyone know what age you have to be to work at Abercrombie. I know I will probably never be asked to work there but still I was just curious.